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Things You need: Bowl of cold water, food coloring (optional), 12" piece of string, ice cube, and salt.

Float an ice cube in the bowl of cold water. Lay one end of the string over the ice cube and the other end over the rim of the bowl. Sprinkle some salt over the ice cube. Wait about two or three minutes, and then lift the piece of string. The string should have frozen to the ice cube.

How Does the Experiment Work? The salt will cause the ice to melt and will allow the string to fall down through the ice. The fresh water will creep into the crevice created by the string and refreeze. Once the water refreezes around the string, you will be able to easily lift the ice cube from the water. You can also try this experiment with different types of salt like Epsom salts or rock salt. Try different types of string or try using wire.

Water makes up about 83% of our blood, roughly 75% of our brain, and around 90% of our lungs. Overall, our bodies are about 70% water.

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