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Important information on outages that may affect your water service will be kept up to date across all our social media outlets. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to receive updates.

Dates and times are listed below for important events that occur regularly each month.

Board of Commissioners Meeting: Held the first Tuesday of every month at 9:00 am, in the conference room located in our Customer Service Center. This meeting is open to the public.
***Scheduled changes to Commissioners Monthly Board Meetings will be published in the newspaper.

Cycle Due Dates:
5th of the month - Cycle 3 is due
10th of the month - Cycle 4 & Cycle 6 is due
15th of the month - Cycle 5 is due
20th of the month - Cycle 1 is due
30th of the month - Cycle 2 is due
***If your due date falls on Saturday, your bill is due the previous Friday. If your due date falls on Sunday, your bill is due the following Monday.

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