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Electricity and water shall be installed on each dwelling prior to any approval of tank locations by the District. Tank location and inspection has to be approved by the District. Call 2 days in advance to arrange a time for location or inspection. (865)982-3560

All Pump Packages shall be purchased through the District.

Customer is responsible for supplying electricity to the side of the house where the tank is to be installed and conduit from control panel to pump. Electrical requirement: 10-2/G wire and a 30 amp single pole breaker and 120 volt disconnect. Disconnect to control panel: 10-2/G wire. All conduit shall be 3/4” pvc with no MORE than two 90 degree bends per run. Service line from tank to Utility connection at street shall be 1” schedule 40 with solid strand tracer wire. If the service line from tank goes underneath sidewalks or driveways, it is to be sleeved with 2” pvc.

Please contact the office to see if tanks need to be purchased at Barger and Sons (888) 882-5860 toll free, or if they need to be purchased with the pump package at SBCUD.

• 3 – 4  Bedroom  —  1500 gallon N.P.C.A. certified tank bedded with stone and 2 18” X 24” access risers, pump compartment, and 1/2 hp pump.  The control box shall be set  4’ from ground level to bottom of box. All tanks will have 24 hour leak test prior to being put in service.  
• 5  bedroom and commercial (Tank sizes determined by criteria set forth by SBCUD).

The septic tank is non-traffic rated — no one is to drive over the septic tank with any vehicles or equipment. The septic tank must be accessible to the Utility District at all times for maintenance purposes. The customer shall not pour any hazardous material into their sewer system.

Click here to see our Hazardous Waste Substitution Guide.

Customer is to refer to User Manual for Dos and DON’TS for the care of the sewer system. Customer will be responsible for the cost of unscheduled tank pumping.

Rates & Information
The customer charge will be $21.04, tax included, per month, and all water will be billed at a rate of $5.96 per thousand gallons. Both homeowners and businesses pay a non-refundable $30.00 connection fee every time an account is opened.
Rental customers must pay a non-refundable $100.00 connection fee every time an account is opened.

‍Tap Fees:
 5/8" tap = $2,500.00
1"   tap = $4,150.00
2"   tap = $8,300.00
waste water tap = Please contact the office for pricing.

Meter Fees:
5/8" tap = $200.00
1"   tap = $300.00
2"   tap = $670.00

Customers/contractors must purchase pump package from the District for all taps/tanks.

The District approves all tank locations prior to the contractor starting work.

The District will provide the customer/contractor with an approved installer list when a new tap is paid for. This is a list of contractors that a customer/contractor can chose from for the tank and pump installation. You can get a copy of approved installers from the office or click here.

All new taps that have a septic system must provide a copy of permit for septic system.

Cross-Connection Policy
When drinking water piping connects to various plumbing fixtures or water utilizing equipment, a cross-connection is created. If improperly protected, contamination can result when a back-flow event occurs, allowing contaminates to reverse flow from the fixture/equipment back into the drinking water piping. Click below to view our Cross-Connection Policy.  If you have any questions about how this applies or affects you, please call our office (865) 982-3560.

Cross-Connection Policy

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