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Distribution Staff: Tyler Blair, Dustin Brown, Troy Bull, Justin Denman, David Dyer, Caleb Gregory, Stacy Gregory, Steve Harris, Ronnie Hutsell, Shannon Icenhower, Frank Kirkland, Billy Long, Josh McDaniel, Mikey Russell, Travis Teffeteller, Lance Thomas, Lucas Waters, John Weeks, and Eli Wilson.

Our field crew works hard to bring you clean water. They perform routine meter readings, installation of meters and water taps for new service, repair broken lines and busted meters, respond to emergency leaks, and conduct regular maintenance to keep our water system operating efficiently. Our Distribution staff is highly qualified. We have 16 Grade II Distribution System Operators, a certified Cross-Connection Specialist, and our Wastewater Specialist holds a certification in Natural Systems and is a Grade II Wastewater Collection System Operator and a Grade II Distribution System Operator. Please Remember, if you see our crews working on your property, understand that they have a legal right to be there, and they are trained to be as unobtrusive as possible. Repairs to lawns and driveways will be performed as quickly as possible after utility work is completed. To help our construction and distribution crews, we ask that homeowners make sure that meters, manholes, valve boxes, back-flow devices, or fire hydrants aren’t landscaped over or blocked by vegetation.

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Cross-Connection & Back-Flow Prevention
Our utility is proud of the quality of service and product we provide our customers and work hard to ensure that the water we bring to your home or business is the safest, purest available. That is why we are constantly on the alert for any situation that would degrade that purity. Our cross-connection prevention program is one way that our staff ensures the water you and your family drink is always the best. We believe every water customer should know about cross connections.

Cross connection is any actual or potential connection between a potable water supply and any pipe, vessel, tank, plumbing fixture, equipment, or device through which it is possible for used, polluted, or contaminated water or any other substance to enter into the public water system.

Back-flow is any undesirable reversal of flow from the intended direction as the result of either: backsiphonage (the reversal of flow due to a negative or reduced pressure within the public potable water supply) or backpressure (the reversal of flow caused by pressure which exceeds the operating pressure of the public potable water supply).

Our Cross Connection Control/Back-flow Prevention Program is administered by Lance Thomas. Lance is a Certified Cross Connection Specialist and Grade II Distribution System Operator.  To review our cross-connection policy, click here or contact our office for additional information.

Flushing Water Mains
The process of periodically "flushing" water lines with fire hydrants, is an important preventive maintenance activity and part of our water quality testing procedures. Although it may appear be wasteful, this process is part of a routine maintenance program necessary to maintain the integrity of the water system and allows to continue to deliver the highest quality water possible to our customers. The flushing route is carefully planned, and valves are opened and closed to control the direction of the water flow. Flushing the water system on a routine basis removes sediment from lines and keeps the entire distribution system “refreshed." We keep our regular flushing schedule up to date on Facebook, follow our Facebook page for real-time updates. Give our Customer Service Center a call if you have any questions about flushing in your area, (865) 982-3560.

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