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New Developments
Are you planning a commercial project in our service area? We welcome the opportunity to provide service to new developments.

Developers who wish to establish service in our district should review the new Development Agreement, and contact our office to speak with a member of our staff. Certain charges will apply. Site engineers and developers who wish to work for the utility are encouraged to review our Water Line Specification and Waste Water Specifications document.

Cross-Connection Prevention Program
Our utility is proud of the quality of service and product we provide our customers. We work hard to insure that the water we bring to your home or business is the safest, purest available. That is why we are constantly on the alert for any situation that would degrade that purity.

Our cross-connection prevention program is one way that our staff insures the water you and your family drink is always the best. We believe, though, every water customer should know about cross connections, even your lawn sprinkler system can be a source for contamination. To review our Cross Connection Policy, click here, or please contact our office for additional information.

Keep Informed about Your Water Service

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