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We work on many projects throughout the year, all geared towards preparing our system to meet development trends and future water demands of Blount County. You will find information on these projects updated here, if you have questions about our projects please call our Customer Service Center, (865) 982-3560.


Project Location: Starting at the intersection of N Clover Hill Ridge Rd and Highway 411 S., the new line will replace approximately 6,900 feet of existing main line that runs along the road, ending atop the hill across Dotson Memorial Drive.
Project Description: This new 8-inch water main project connects Clover Hill Ridge Road to Dotson Memorial Road for increased hydraulics, along with a new water pump station for additional water pressure for the high elevations on Clover Hill Ridge Road and Dotson Memorial Road. The project will begin at the intersection of North Clover Hill Ridge Road and Highway 411, and extend 6,900 feet to Dotson Memorial Road, connecting to the existing intersections at Clover Hill Ridge Road and Rambling Road. Construction will be self-performed by SBCUD employees and is scheduled to begin in October - November 2020, with completion in 2021. SBCUD is pleased to announce that this project, along with all other District projects, will be entirely funded with operational reserves.
Project Status: At this time the project is still in the planning phase. There will be some properties that SBCUD will request to purchase a permanent, marginal water line easement. Please review this planning document for proposed roadside construction and easement locations.


Project Location: Beginning at the intersection of Peach Orchard Rd and Ridge Rd, the new line will run along the Northeastern side of the road for approximately 3,400 ft before crossing over to the Southwestern side of the road and ending finally at 3005 Peach Orchard Rd.
Project Description: This project will involve the installation of approximately 7,200 ft of new water main line, consisting of 8' PVC pipe that will be installed by SBCUD personnel.  This project is solely funded with SBCUD operational reserves.
Project Status: This project began in October and is currently in the final stages.


Project Location: Beginning at the intersection of Salem Rd and Lambert Rd, extending to the intersection of Salem Rd and Houston Springs Rd in Greenback.
Project Description:
The existing water line terminates at the intersection of Salem Rd and Lambert Rd, this project will extend that line around 2,000 feet along Salem Rd to where it intersects with Houston Springs Rd. This project is solely funded with SBCUD operational reserves. Construction on this project began mid-August.
Project Status:
Construction is complete!


Project Location: Beginning at the intersection of Robert C Jackson Rd & Hwy 321 and ending at Morganton Rd.
Project Description:
The City of Maryville is connecting Hwy 321 and Morganton Rd by way of extending Robert C Jackson Road. Since this is part of our service area, we installed over 5,300 feet of 8-in water line along the road extension, connecting the existing lines on Hwy 321 and Morganton Rd. The new water line will improve the hydraulics for Big Springs Rd and Morganton Rd areas. This project was entirely self-performed by South Blount Utility.
Project Status:
Construction is complete!

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