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We work on many projects throughout the year, all geared towards preparing our system to meet development trends and future water demands of Blount County. You will find information on these projects updated here. If you have questions about our projects, please call our Customer Service Center, (865) 982-3560.


PROJECT LOCATION: This project will begin at the intersection of Bolinger Road and Black Forest Drive and follow the entire circle of Black Forest Drive.

This new 6-inch water main project replaces the outdated 4-inch water main. The new water main will be located on the same side as the existing water main. This project, along with all other projects, are funded with operating reserves. All construction will be open cut trenches. During construction hours, there will be some slight delays at the construction site. All lanes will remain open in the evenings and night hours.

PROJECT STATUS: This project will be self-performed by SBCUD employees with construction projected to begin in October – November of 2022 with completion in 2023.


Project Description: South Blount County Utility District (SBCUD) announces the design of the Louisville Transmission water main project.The Louisville Transmission water main is perhaps one of the larger water main projects in the history of SBCUD. This 35,000 linear feet project was identified in the 2016 SBCUD Master Plan for 2030. This project replaces assets that are up to 60 years old and will provide the hydraulics needed to move water to the North service area. Upon finalization of the design stage SBCUD will send letters and maps to customers along the proposed route and post updates to the website.

As your water service provider, it is our desire to provide abundant, clean water to the growing residential population of our service area and future generations. As part of our ongoing efforts to meet development trends and future water demands of Blount County, SBCUD must replace aging infrastructure with new infrastructure that will meet those demands for future generations.  

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