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Blount County Community Action

Blount County Community Action Agency has a low-income household water assistance program (LIHWAP) that South Blount County Utility District and other utilities have decided to participate in. The LIHWAP water assistance program offers relief to individuals that are in danger of water interruption or have already lost water services due to non-payment. The state uses LIHWAP funds to help our customers restore or prevent interruption of water services. Administering agencies use a point system to determine a households' benefit level and priority assistance. The point system looks at homes that have a member of a vulnerable population, poverty level, and water burden. Those with the highest number of points receive priority.

The following will receive priority assistance:
• People with disabilities
• Families with young children
• Older adult/seniors
• Military veterans
• Households with high water burdens.

For further information visit their website, WWW.BLOUNTCAA.ORG, or call 865-983-8411.

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